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According to modern manufacturing techniques, with the objective of creating less impact over the environment and to better the appearance and performance of our doors, Iroko has developed a solid manufacture engineered door. Our engineered doors are made with 100% solid wood, we do not use veneers or MDF (Medium Density Fiber Board) as is the case with low end engineered doors.

The advantages over solid wood doors are:

  • Less defects.
  • Improved finishing.
  • Engineered stiles, rails and panels do not warp or bend.
  • Better utilization of forests.
  • 100% solid wood.
  • State of the art adhesives makes our bonding water proof.

The appearance is identical to that of a regular solid panel door. This is a superior product if compared to one-piece solid components.


All doors are made exactly to customer’s specifications.

We do not keep inventory. We tender to retailers in the US and abroad. We also supply doors for special projects like resorts, etc.

Send us your door models, dimensions and specifications.

We will be happy to provide you with a competitive quote.



Iroko builds special custom doors 100% designed or sketched by our customers.

Our customs doors can be made up to 2 ½” thickness.

Our custom line includes EPI D4 adhesive and laminated panels.

Custom door orders are usually dispatched via air cargo within three weeks of the date approved.custom


corte puerta

Cedrelinga catenaeformis known commercially as White Mahogany or Southern Cherry. Due to its mechanical properties and its stability, it is a very suitable wood for door manufacturing. The wood does not undergo sudden or drastic dimensional changes when moisture varies in the surrounding environment.


EPI stands for Emulsion-Polymer-Isocyanate. It is a two component product, when properly mixed it becomes one of the most powerful glues in the world. It maintains dimensional stability in the glued object when moisture content of the material changes. EPI is classified as D4 adhesive which means Wet Use specification according to the European Standards, the highest classification for adhesives. Products assembled with EPI do not come apart when exposed to moisture.


1) Keep doors clean and avoid dragging them against each othercotageentrance

2) If you have to store the doors before installing, store them horizontally and in a dry and well ventilated space. Ideal storage moisture content is 25-55%

3) Doors must not be subject to extreme or rapid changes of temperature and moisture.

4) Once the doors are installed, proceed to coat them. In coating, make sure the top and bottom of the doors are also coated, to seal the door and help prevent changes in size. Small panel motion is normal due to seasonal moisture changes.

5) For exterior doors use special exterior door coating.

6) Door panels are known as “floating panels”, they are assembled inside a grove in the stiles and rails. The panel may move due to relative humidity changes in the environment. If the panel moves use a wedge to set the panel back in place.
Failure to follow these instructions will render the warranty void.


door assembly
Our doors are assembled with a cope and rail system; we use 16-mm dowels and wet use adhesive to put the door together.