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Iroko Limited is located in Quito Ecuador and has been producing standard and custom wooden doors, especially solid wood panel doors, since l979.

Our doors are manufactured with a tropical hardwood known commercially as Brazilian Mahogany , Southern Cherry or White Mahogany. The wood is seasoned and afterwards kiln dried and stabilized in a Hilderbrand kiln, where it is dried down to a moisture content of 8% to 10%.

Iroko Limited began exporting its products internationally in 1989 and many of our original customers are still importing from us. Presently we export to Canada, Curacao, Dominican Republic, French Martinique, Panama and the United States.

Our company has a continuous commitment to quality, our machinery brands are considered the best in the industry, such as, Weinig, SCM, Unique, Gabbiani and Hollytek.

All door components are carefully selected according to their use, as well as the tone of the wood to is match and attain uniformity. The doors are all engineered and manufactured with solid wood. Our products comply or exceed the Wood & Door Manufacturers Association Standards.

The components for all our interior and exterior doors are assembled with an adhesive product that complies with “wet-use” specification. Our panels are assembled with glued joints.

Our products are covered with a guarantee. To ensure good results the client must comply with our handling and finishing instructions.

We are specialists in producing and marketing wooden doors that consistently fulfill with our customer’s demands. With dedicated personnel and advances in technology we seek continuous improvement.