Door Care


Atención1) Keep doors clean and do not drag them against each other

2) If you have to store the doors before installing them store them horizontally and keep them in a dry and well aired space. Ideal storage moisture content is 25-55%

3) Doors must not be subject to extreme or rapid changes of heat and moisture.

4) Once the doors are installed proceed to lacquer them, in doing so make sure the top and bottom of the doors are also lacquered; these procedure seals the door and helps prevent door movement. Small panel movement is normal due seasonal moisture changes.

5) For exterior doors use special exterior door lacquer.

6) Door panels are known as “floating panels”, they are assembled inside a grove in the stiles and rails. The panel may move due to relative humidity changes in the environment. If the panel moves use a wedge to set the panel back in place.

Failure to follow this instructions will render the warranty invalid.